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Feedback that really works

Speaking up safely is at the heart of safe, engaged, learning organisations. But to feel safe to speak up people need to know HOW to speak up. A Kind Life’s Speaking Up Safely programme gives people the skills and confidence to make those difficult conversations easy, through a comprehensive e-Learning tool supported by interactive face-to-face training.

BUILD. Your new approach to speaking up

If we say nothing, nothing changes, so we need to be confident in speaking up in a way that is productive, safe and kind. A Kind Life’s BUILD model is a simple 5 step structure for giving critical feedback, without criticizing. For many healthcare organisations, where speaking up is crucial to safety, BUILD is their way of giving feedback. Our clients in other sectors are now benefiting from this new approach. Because BUILD is the simplest, kindest, most effective way to give and receive feedback.

Give the confidence and motivation to speak up

Our interactive module builds confidence to speak up through four layers of learning. Firstly in short videos in which Tim Keogh brings to life, with evidence and powerful stories, the BUILD approach and the reasons for speaking up about rudeness, bullying, performance and safety.

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Foundations of effective feedback

Secondly a range of interactive exercises are designed and tested to embed key learning points

  • The structure of effective feedback conversations
  • De-escalating, by describing behaviours as facts
  • Building empathy to encourage discussion
  • Listening non-judgmentally
  • Coaching behaviour change, not ‘telling off’
  • Receiving feedback: the GIFT of self-awareness
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12 video scenarios everyone will recognise

Twelve helpful interactive video scenarios, developed with leaders, managers, frontline staff, clinicians and educators. Designed to demonstrate and test giving feedback in a range of day-to-day situations.

  • Rudeness and incivility
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Performance improvement
  • Safety

Appreciation is as easy as ABC

Successful organisations and teams experience 5 times as much appreciation as critical feedback. So it’s essential that any speaking up programme also focuses on gratitude. Appreciation builds confidence and engagement. A Kind Life’s ABC of appreciation drives performance too, as people do more of the things they are appreciated for.

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Learning on the go, ready to go

Our Speaking Up interactive training has been developed with organisations like yours, who are already seeing people having safe conversations to de-escalate issues before they become problems. Because it’s responsive to PC and smartphones people can learn where they like. You can get up and running straight away, as it’s compatible with your moodle LMS, or we can host it for you with a monthly user subscription.

High impact development modules for face-to-face and online learning

We know people and organisations learn in different ways, so we offer a blended approach to fit your needs.

  • masterclass for any size group up to 500 people
  • rich, video-based e-learning to support mass engagement and self-development
  • train-the-trainer to embed these modules into your existing classroom-based development programmes
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Teach everyone HOW to speak up with A Kind Life’s BUILD approach. Interactive eLearning with 12 video scenarios Training modules fit into your development.

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Respectful resolution

A fresh approach to discuss, de-escalate and move past poor behaviours. Co-create tools, guides and resources based on global best practice.

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Leaders and managers account for 70% of variation in staff engagement. We build the self-awareness, motivation and skills needed to lead with values.

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Attract, select and interview people who fit your culture Online values screener quiz. Set expectations and test for values.

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Map impact of your people's experience on consumers or patients. Interactive dashboards and real-time statistical and textual analysis.

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To find out more about our end-to-end culture transformations, contact Tim Keogh at tim@akind.life