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A new approach to bullying reduction

Around 25% of healthcare staff say they have recently experienced bullying from a colleague or manager. Staff in other sectors often report similar experiences. Policy driven approaches to resolving this issue don’t seem to be working. So at A Kind Life we have introduced ‘Respectful Resolution pathway’, which reduces poor behaviours through reflection, discussion and de-escalation. Co-created with leaders, managers, frontline staff, clinicians, educators and unions around the world ‘Respectful Resolution’ is a new way to create kinder, safer organisations.

Flexible and integrated approach

We know people and organisations learn in different ways, so we offer a blended approach to fit your needs

  • Co-create to fit your organisation or use our ‘ready-to-go’ content
  • Choice of Respectful Resolution PDF guides and interactive web pages
  • Blended learning: masterclasses, rich video-based e-learning, and train-the-trainer to integrate with your classroom development

Discuss, defuse, de-escalate

Respectful Resolution acknowledges the underlying drivers of poor behaviour and supports anyone who may be involved.

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Bullying harms the wellbeing of employees

A recent study of people who had experienced bullying at work showed the range of ways it impacts on their wellbeing

  • 50% depression, loss of affect and flashbacks
  • 60% heart palpitations, raised blood pressure and insomnia
  • 75% loss of concentration, memory and overwhelming anxiety
  • Over 80% ‘anticipation of next negative event’ - constantly walking on eggshells.
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Bullying harms safety

In the most safety-conscious sectors, such as healthcare, evidence shows that poor behaviour harms quality. A 2015 study of NICU clinicians showed that even ‘mild incivility’ in a clinical setting causes significantly more errors of diagnosis and mistakes in execution of clinical procedures. Bullying breaks down the team work that is essential for high quality patient care. A study by Prof Michael West of the Kings Fund showed that just a 5% decrease in staff rating of ‘working in a real team’ correlated with a 3.3% increase in mortality rates. If it has this kind of effect in healthcare, what impact might it have in your organisation?

Six examples of Respectful Resolution guides

Co-create a full suite of helpful guides

Using best-practice from around the world, and working with managers, frontline staff, clinicians, educators and unions, we have developed a suite of helpful guides, discussion prompts and decision-trees. In an alignment workshop with your team we will tailor the pathway, combining what you are already doing that works, with the proven Respectful Resolution pathway resources.

  • Discussions for managers to lead with their teams
  • Communications and campaigns to raise awareness of bullying
  • Reflection tools to get beyond the word ‘bullying’ to specific behaviours being experienced or accused
  • Simple step-by-step guide to the options open to people
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Access support ‘on the go’ with interactive web guides

Our step-by-step guides, advice and tools are available as a set of interactive web pages, to supplement the PDF guides. The web pages guide people through their own support journey. Because the web guides are responsive to PC, tablet or mobile, all of your staff can then access the support they need, when and where they need it.

High impact development modules for face-to-face and online learning

To embed your new approach, we offer training tools to change attitudes about bullying and to practice using the tools and guides. As with all our culture transformation modules this is available as

  • masterclass for any size group up to 500 people
  • rich, video-based e-learning to support mass engagement and self-development
  • train-the-trainer to embed these modules into your existing classroom-based development programmes
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Teach everyone HOW to speak up with A Kind Life’s BUILD approach. Interactive eLearning with 12 video scenarios Training modules fit into your development.

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Respectful resolution

A fresh approach to discuss, de-escalate and move past poor behaviours. Co-create tools, guides and resources based on global best practice.

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Leaders and managers account for 70% of variation in staff engagement. We build the self-awareness, motivation and skills needed to lead with values.

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Attract, select and interview people who fit your culture Online values screener quiz. Set expectations and test for values.

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Map impact of your people's experience on consumers or patients. Interactive dashboards and real-time statistical and textual analysis.

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