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Recruit great people who share your values

Attracting and retaining the right people costs less and delivers more.

Flexible and integrated approach

We know people and organisations learn in different ways, so we offer a blended approach to fit your needs

  • Co-create to fit your organisation or use our ‘ready-to-go’ content
  • Selection of online tools, face-to-face training and e-learning
  • Blended learning: masterclasses, rich video-based e-learning, and train-the-trainer to integrate with your classroom development

At A Kind Life we support our clients across the whole recruitment journey.

  • Listen to staff about what makes or breaks a great work experience, and develop Employee Value Propositions to attract and retain great staff
  • Apply best practice to select for values across the recruitment journey from attraction to onboarding
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Reliably interview for values

  • A structured, reliable, fair approach to interview for values, with a bank of Behavioural Event questions to test for your values and Situational Judgment Tests for each job family you recruit to
  • A robust interview guide for all hiring managers to follow, not only to hire great values-led candidates but also with awareness of their biases and how interviewer behaviour affects new joiner behaviour
  • Co-creation to fit your values and a train-the-trainer approach to values-based interviewing skills

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A deeper level of insight into candidates’ values

To complement our values recruitment approaches we offer an online values screening tool

  • Dig deeper into the candidate’s attitudes and values, helping managers to make even better hiring decisions.
  • Chose six from a bank of 25 scenarios and responses, developed for specifically healthcare, business and other sectors. Or we can develop scenarios that uniquely test for fit to your organizational culture.
  • Asking every candidate to take part sets expectations that values are important in your organisation, positively influencing behaviour once they join.
  • Successful candidates given unique code to enable them to progress their application
  • Scores used to inform shortlisting and interview
  • Integrated with TRAC recruitment system
  • Try it now
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Values self-screening

A simple quiz to bring the values to life for candidates, to set expectations of the values we expect and for the candidates to self-select 'is this the kind of place I want to work?'

High impact development modules for face-to-face and online learning

To embed your new approach to recruiting for values we offer training tools to build skills and practice using the tools and guides. As with all our culture transformation modules this is available as

  • masterclass for any size group up to 500 people
  • rich, video-based e-learning to support mass engagement and self-development
  • train-the-trainer to embed these modules into your existing classroom-based development programmes
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Teach everyone HOW to speak up with A Kind Life’s BUILD approach. Interactive eLearning with 12 video scenarios Training modules fit into your development.

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Respectful resolution

A fresh approach to discuss, de-escalate and move past poor behaviours. Co-create tools, guides and resources based on global best practice.

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Leaders and managers account for 70% of variation in staff engagement. We build the self-awareness, motivation and skills needed to lead with values.

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Attract, select and interview people who fit your culture Online values screener quiz. Set expectations and test for values.

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Map impact of your people's experience on consumers or patients. Interactive dashboards and real-time statistical and textual analysis.

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