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Leaders shape their teams’ world at work, accounting for 70% of the variation in levels of engagement. Our leadership modules focus on attitude, behaviour and culture, with practical tools to the build motivation, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, behavioural flexibility and feedback and coaching skills needed to nurture values-led teams.

Flexible and integrated approach

We know people and organisations learn in different ways, so we offer a blended approach to fit your needs

  • Co-create to fit your organisation or use our ‘ready-to-go’ content
  • Blended learning: masterclasses, rich video-based e-learning, and train-the-trainer to integrate with your classroom development
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Practical emotional intelligence

We help leaders and managers to become role-models of values in both thought and action. Our ‘you get what you give’ coaching framework helps to build emotional intelligence, self-awareness, behavioural flexibility, practical positivity and real empathy in leaders and gives them tools to coach attitude and behaviour in the team.

Your strength Strength based coaching tool

Appreciative, strengths-based leaders

By focusing on strengths, rather than weaknesses we help develop authentic, relational leaders. Partnering with StrengthScope the unique 360 profile shows leaders how to use strengths to be a more authentic leader, and improve outcomes.

Attendees learn how to change their impact on others by dialling down ‘strengths in overdrive’ rather than fixing weaknesses. We help managers to build engaged teams through everyday strengths-based coaching using our STRONG model. And to create teams that learn through feedback with our BUILD and ‘ABC of appreciation’ tools.


Reduce bias, build equity and diversity

Evidence shows that diverse teams always produce better results, and yet too often organisations recruit, promote and reward employees in a way that doesn’t respect respect diversity or promote equity.

At A Kind Life we are committed to reducing inequity and our leadership development tackles this issue head-on by building awareness of our unconscious biases with practical approaches to overcome them.


Building resilience: bounce forward

Our broader culture transformation programmes help to create a work environment where people can flourish at work. At the same time we also help people to build their own resilience skills. Our BOUNCE approach offers a set of powerful, evidence-based tools for individuals to apply in their own work, and with their teams, to thrive in the reality of the stress and pressure of work.

Learning outcomes of Leading with Values

  • Understand the evidence-base around the impact of respect, kindness, positivity and incivility at work
  • Improve performance through appreciation not criticism, coaching not telling, and strengths not weaknesses
  • Create an environment where people feel safe and skilled to speak up and receive feedback
  • Role model respect with practical emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, flexibility
  • Promote equity, diversity and inclusion in your team and service
  • Reduce bullying and other poor behaviours through dialogue and de-escalation

The busier people are, the more they benefit from focusing on their own wellbeing and resilience, and the less time they have to do so. So we have distilled the key tools and topics into ‘bite-sized’ sessions. Topics include our BOUNCE resilience programme, practical positivity, mindfulness and self-kindness.

High impact development modules for face-to-face and online learning

To embed your new approach to leading with values we offer training tools to build motivation and skills. As with all our culture transformation modules this is available as

  • masterclass for any size group up to 500 people
  • rich, video-based e-learning to support mass engagement and self-development
  • train-the-trainer to embed these modules into your existing classroom-based development programmes
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Teach everyone HOW to speak up with A Kind Life’s BUILD approach. Interactive eLearning with 12 video scenarios Training modules fit into your development.

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Respectful resolution

A fresh approach to discuss, de-escalate and move past poor behaviours. Co-create tools, guides and resources based on global best practice.

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Leaders and managers account for 70% of variation in staff engagement. We build the self-awareness, motivation and skills needed to lead with values.

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Attract, select and interview people who fit your culture Online values screener quiz. Set expectations and test for values.

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Map impact of your people's experience on consumers or patients. Interactive dashboards and real-time statistical and textual analysis.

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To find out more about our end-to-end culture transformations, contact Tim Keogh at tim@akind.life