Kinder healthcare care is safer healthcare

  • When people experience kindness in stressful clinical situations, they deliver better outcomes.
  • When healthcare staff work in kinder cultures their wellbeing improves too
  • And being kind has its benefits - people who show kindness are more productive and less stressed.

Kindness into Action offer, free additional year’s licence, for NHS organisations who purchase before 31 March 2023

Yet there is an epidemic of unkindness in healthcare

Around 25% of NHS staff say they have experienced bullying in the past year. Our research shows colleagues’ poor behaviour is the #1 cause of disengagement in the NHS. These unkind behaviours you see everyday break down the teamwork that’s essential for high quality care. They make mistakes and errors more likely. They make colleagues miserable. And they are contagious.

Well organised, well presented and delivered with empathy. Should be compulsory training for every person working in the NHS

But there is a solution. At A Kind Life, over the past ten years, we have helped more than 50 healthcare organisations to nurture more consistently kind, safe cultures, in workshops with more than 40,000 healthcare staff. We brought this to life in Kindness into Action masterclasses for NHS England and NHS Improvement in autumn 2021.

And we have now distilled the resources from these masterclasses into Kindness into Action. Five online learning modules to support your kinder culture transformation.

  • Module 1: Kindness into Action: animation of the evidence
  • Module 2: Cultivating Kindness: practical kindness in healthcare
  • Module 3: Undoing Unkindness: how and why to mind your impact
  • Module 4: Kinder feedback: speaking up safely (with the BUILD method)
  • Module 5: RECOVER: 7 conversations to improve wellbeing

Since its introduction in January 2022, fifteen Trusts and two full Integrated Care Systems are already benefiting from Kindness into Action and frontline staff are giving it great feedback.

To celebrate the launch of Kindness into Action we are offering a second year’s free licence, to all NHS organisations who sign up before 31 March.
Get in touch and start on your kindness journey right now.

example of how tone of voice effects people

Module 1: Kindness into Action

This module lays the foundation for Kindness into Action with a brief animated tour thorough the evidence for kindness, and against incivility, in healthcare

  • Introducing the five Kindness into Action modules
  • ‘The case for kindness’ to colleagues and patients
  • A taster of what to expect in the modules that follow

Module 2: Cultivating kindness

It’s not just good to be kinder, in this module we look at the evidence showing that kinder healthcare is higher quality healthcare. For each source of evidence, we dig into what that means and explore specific ways of bringing kindness into your work to reap these benefits.

  • What being kind means for frontline staff in the NHS
  • Improve engagement and performance through thanks
  • 3 things you can do to make more good days for others
generosity cycle
is it bullying? process

Module 3: Undoing unkindness

In this module you’ll learn how unkindness, from uncivil behaviour to banter, to bullying, impacts on the safety and wellbeing of staff and patients. The good news is we can do something about it...

  • The true meaning of incivility and its impact
  • What unkindness really looks like in healthcare
  • Explore how you can start to undo unkindness

Module 4: Kinder feedback

To feel safe to speak up we need to know how to speak up. In this module, we introduce you to intentional praise to amplify kind behaviours and BUILD kinder feedback model to confidently speak up when you need to.

  • Learn the foundations of great feedback
  • Use feedback to develop better work relationships
  • Speaking up as a bystander to racism
overview on how feedback loops are essential to culture change
a nurse finding the recover diagram hilarious

Module 5: RECOVER our wellbeing

Now that you’ve explored the previous modules, you can bring it all together with the RECOVER framework, a simple model to encourage kindness and support wellbeing in your team.

  • 7 conversations to improve wellbeing in the team
  • Practical tips to enhance your own wellbeing right now
  • Consolidate your learning from the previous modules
The facts and figures make the importance of kindness indisputable

Kindness into Action pricing offer to NHS organisations before 31 March 2023

To celebrate the launch of Kindness into Action we are offering a two-year licence for the price of one, to all NHS organisations who sign up before 31 March.

Number of staff Year 1 licence Year 2 licence
2,500 £7,470 £ Free
5,000 £9,970 £ Free
7,500 £12,470 £ Free
10,000 £14,970 £ Free
15,000 £19,970 £ Free

Prices exclude VAT which will be invoiced at the prevailing rate. Licences to be invoiced in advance.

Absolutely brilliant!! Should be mandatory for all healthcare staff
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