Culture transformation
with A Kind Life

Culture transformation with A Kind Life

Culture is no more or less than all the things your people say and do each day. The thousands of behaviours they choose. So when we talk about culture change, what we really mean is behaviour change. At scale.

Creating cultures to drive outcomes

At A Kind Life we have helped transform more than 50 organisational cultures...

Cultures in healthcare that are kinder and safer.
Cultures in education that are more collaborative and positive.
Cultures in museums that are more innovative and customer focused.
Cultures in business that more responsive and creative.
Cultures that are, well, whatever you need, to be more successful.

Spark a social movement

We do it by recreating culture in real time with your whole organisation. Building massive social movements for new and better ways of doing things with your employees, consumers, patients, students, communities and stakeholders.

Set clear expectations

We co-create values and behaviours. What people want to see when you are at our best. The behaviours that don’t work for people. Using their words and experiences. Making it easier to notice, role model, speak up and appreciate.

Change culture quickly (or not at all)

At the same time we are co-creating the culture, we build the motivation, self-awareness and skills for people to change their own behaviours. And the confidence talk about attitudes and behaviours. From day 1.

Co-create solutions to embed culture

We use Design Thinking to source and pilot ideas from the frontline to embed the new culture in how you do things.

And offer a series of approaches and tools to that keep the change alive across your organisation.

And then sustain change

Blended face-to-face and digital learning experiences.

Every one of the propositions you can explore below offer blended learning with masterclasses, train-the-trainer and powerful video-based e-learning to sustain the change in attitudes, behaviours and culture.

Announcement about April Strategy

You may have known us as April

After 16 great years April Strategy has de-merged to allow the partners to focus on what they are passionate about.
For culture transformation in healthcare and other sectors, you are in the right place – we are now called A Kind Life.
For agile business strategy and delivery, with John Vincent and Tim Westall, visit
For consumer goods strategy and growth optimisation with Flavio Poli and Annette Zollo email

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My mission is to simply to spread kindness. And kindness gets results. When people work in kinder organisations they are more engaged, more creative and more productive.

I love co-creating with consumers and colleagues. To create social movements for kinder and more values-led work. To liberate leadership. Give fear-free feedback. Get beyond bullying. To recruit the right resources. And to embed values into everything.

On a typical day you'll find me in a room (or a Zoom) with hundreds of people igniting purpose, building self-awareness and reinforcing behaviour change.

I’ve loved doing this work for the past 15 years. Previously Tim was founding CEO of a ground-breaking digital consultancy, and global account director at one of the world’s leading advertising agencies. Tim has an MA from Cambridge University.

If you want to create a kinder culture in your organisation – please get in touch – I’d love to catch up.


I love to build customer facing products and finding new and exciting ways to visualise our data.

A typical day for me involves creating online e-learning courses, fine tuning survey analytics or trying to decipher excel spreadsheets (unless it’s the weekend when you’ll find me playing cricket).

I have an BSc in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh with a particular interest in statistics and voting systems.

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My mission is to make work a healthy and happy place for people to be.

The part of my job I love the most is knowing the work we do empowers individuals to overcome challenges and be a positive force of change for others too.

A typical day involves meeting with clients to discuss the day to day projects, analysing data and developing key materials to ensure a successful project that achieves its outcomes.

Since achieving an MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of London 4 years ago, I have been working on culture change projects largely focused on healthcare. Previously I worked in market and social research for a range of industries and sectors.

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Teach everyone HOW to speak up with A Kind Life’s BUILD approach. Interactive eLearning with 12 video scenarios Training modules fit into your development.

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Respectful resolution

A fresh approach to discuss, de-escalate and move past poor behaviours. Co-create tools, guides and resources based on global best practice.

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Leaders and managers account for 70% of variation in staff engagement. We build the self-awareness, motivation and skills needed to lead with values.

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Attract, select and interview people who fit your culture Online values screener quiz. Set expectations and test for values.

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Map impact of your people's experience on consumers or patients. Interactive dashboards and real-time statistical and textual analysis.

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To find out more about our end-to-end culture transformations, contact Tim Keogh at